“Olivia’s corporate wellness workshop was astounding. She was able to connect with all our team members, inspire them, offer tangible and tactile everyday tools that we can incorporate into our personal lives as well as our goals a team and company. We will absolutely be bringing Olivia back for quarterly workshops to get out team, centered, refreshed and being their best.” – Global Consumer Goods Brand

“We instantly aligned with Olivia’s program and curated experience for our team. Our top creative directors and marketers were truly inspired, and left with a new sense of creativity, passion and vision.” – International Skincare Company

"You do not meet special people like Olivia often! She is the real deal and I am beyond thankful she is in my life. Working with her has healed me in so many respects, and she keeps me aligned. She has taught me a lot about myself and life in general. She is so professional and genuinely cares, following up after each session. I am a lifer!" - Cara

"With Olivia's guidance, I've been turned on to a degree of self discovery and enlightenment unlike anything I've ever known. In essence, I've built myself, or at the very least stocked my strengths. Her gift has encouraged me to make major life moves, and to recognize with equal measure the beauty of stillness. As I begin my next stage of building things outside of me -- family-wise, work-wise and more -- I trust that I can rely on the tools that she has provided, the mindfulness she's instilled, and our continuing relationship and sessions to help me find, grow and nurture those new projects with the same intention and meaning she has taught me to allow myself, all the while continuing down my own path to keep my new-found calm and control." - Margaret

"The Compassion Reiki Session I had with Olivia was a comforting and connecting experience. I like to think of myself as open and connected to energy but Olivia brings healing energy to life in a really powerful way. The way Olivia sets intention for the space is very clear, soothing and special which allows you to dive right into your session easily. It was an amazing experience with all focus on me and what was going on in my life. All things added up from the readings she did and way I felt before, during and after the session. I am grateful for receiving the Reiki Compassion session when I did because it made a great impact on my life! I am more than certain I am on the right path and it is thanks to the reading from Olivia” - Mandi

"The best part of the spiritual guidance sessions I have with Olivia (other than getting to experience her profound serenity) is being able to carry the messages she brings forth for me into my every day life and use the knowledge she shares to find a deeper spiritual connection for myself." - Elizabeth

"I am forever grateful and get tears in my eyes thinking about the joy she has brought to my life and the confidence I now have because of her patience and compassion. I would recommend Olivia to absolutely anyone, your life will be forever changed, in the best possible way with Ms. Panella beside you guiding you into your full potential." - Cristina

"From the moment I entered Olivia's studio, there was an instant calming and inner peace. I had been contemplating leading a healthier lifestyle in my body and mind and Olivia's space sent me strong vibes to do so. Olivia offered me a form of spiritual awakening, she inspired me to lead a better, healthier life and I am excited to leave the negativity behind and proceed forward with a positive outlook!" - Joanne

"Olivia's radiant, optimistic spirit pervades every project she takes on. She's a creative problem-solver who is generous with her time and energy. With her, I always knew I was in capable hands. She is an absolutely joy to work with and trust her guidance implicitly." - Hilary