Integrative homework is assigned after every session, empowering you to continue to heal, awaken and align your mind, body & spirit. You are the healer, I am the conduit.

Compassion Reiki
Reiki translates to the “unseen” universal life source energy that flows through us, and all around. Comprised of two Japanese words, Rei meaning "God's Wisdom or Higher Power" and Ki translating to "life source energy,” Reiki energy innately operates on a constant high vibration, harmonizing and is purifying to all. Reiki energy guides us back to alignment, centeredness, and a peaceful place that is our natural state. The energy makes room for shifts to take place on all levels, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Reiki healing, acts as the hands of light, and is transmitted through gentle touch. Reiki has the ability to detoxify, cleanse, balance, sooth and vitalize the subtle body. Wonderful for people, animals, children, all walks of life. 
Energy Exchange: Upon Request
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Quartz Crystal Sound Bath Therapy
Sound bath therapy is profound healing work. The Quartz Crystal bowls have perfect pitch notes, each note aligns with each Chakra. The sound of that note, enters the Chakra and tunes, balances, harmonizes and activates the Chakra. The sound bowls create a full mind, body and spirit experience. Releasing any densities, block and no longer serving thoughts/vibrations. They put the mind into an alpha to theta brainwave sequence, creating a deep mediative relaxation.
Energy Exchange: Upon Request

UMA GAIA Awakening
An intimate ceremony for releasing, balancing and aligning the mind, body and spirit. The UMA GAIA Awakening encompasses transformational rituals, intuitive reading, Reiki energy work, Quartz Crystal sound therapy, Marcel Vogel Crystal-Grid Therapy, spiritual guidance and much more.
Energy Exchange: Upon request

Corporate Wellness
UMA GAIA offers a highly curated corporate wellness experience – one that is personal to your team’s needs, desires and goals. Elevating team passion, creativity, camaraderie, productivity and your companies overall ecosystem is our top priority. Workshops are centered around getting employees engaged with their mental, physical, emotional and energetic health. Connecting all elements of the mind, body and spirit have profound outcomes on the overall health of your employees and company leaders. Have UMA GAIA come to your office, or book a private out-of-office retreat.

Retail/Workspace Events, UMA GAIA can bring magic, compassion and gratitude to any event, private party, or fundraiser. No matter the occasion, UMA GAIA can curate an offering that will please and enrapture your guests.

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Compassion Life Coaching: 
Connecting the Mind/Body/Spirit and bringing them all into alignment is how to live the optimal life you so desire. During these sessions will we will use multiple techniques and modalities to  release any and all unwanted belief systems and thoughts that may be leading you in the direction that is less desired. We will reset the the entire body and create balance, clarity and momentum. Uncovering the shadow aspects of ourselves shows us how to grow and evolve, we will take the ailment that is stopping you from moving forward, identify it, and let it go so it can no longer have control over your life. 
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Powwows/Ceremonies/Weddings :
Similar to the Compassion Session, but in a group setting. The Powwow is perfect for those who want to start the transformation journey alongside their loved-ones, confidants and friends. A luminous circle of light is shared between all guests by the way of tuned-in breath-work, sound, movement and channeled giving/receiving. The Powwow gathering is a curated experience tailored to the desires of the group.  Before the radiant journey, we will work together to set the spiritual agenda. 
Length of session/exchange per person will vary. 

*Sliding Scale available to all Compassion Sessions  
*Cancellation Policy: 24HRS in advance 50% of session exchange, 12HRS in advance 100% of session exchange
*House Visits available for an additional fee
*Distant Sessions Available - Details upon request

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